My Vision for Sierra Leone:

My vision for Sierra Leone is to harness the Country’s human capital and natural resources to transform Sierra Leone into an emerging economy within 5-10 years. This will be done through:

  • Integrated infrastructure, economic and social development
  • Integrated Human Capital Development, through improved Education and Healthcare systems
  • Sustainable mining development
  • Integrated agricultural development
  • Low-cost Housing development

Let’s put our country on the course of development! Let’s make progress our priority.

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What our supporters say

  • Dr. Tengbe is honest and one thing that I like about this candidate is that he has no blemish and also an embedded Godly person.
    John Kangoma
    Team Tengbe Campaign (United Kingdom): Campaign Chairman and Coordinator
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    Waldo Orlandini
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To find out more about Team Tengbe’s work and to discuss how you can support through your donation, please call the team on +1 240-229-8320
Team Tengbe Campaign (United Kingdom): Campaign Chairman and Coordinator

Make A Difference

Together we can make a difference. Like most African economies, Sierra Leone faces the challenge of inadequate economic transformation. Join us if you are passionate about the development of Sierra Leone and want to make a difference. Team Tengbe is open to every SLPP member or sympathiser who shares the conviction that the SLPP needs to unite and win the next General Elections in 2017/2018 and are prepared to adhere to demonstrating the highest level of accountability, commitment, integrity and reliability for a greater cause.

Meet Our Team

Team Tengbe Campaign (United Kingdom): Campaign Chairman and Coordinator

Mr Amara Sewa
Team Tengbe Campaign (North America): Campaign Chairman and Coordinator

Mr Dominic Poawui
Team Tengbe Campaign (Continental Europe): Campaign Chairman and Coordinator

Mrs Majo kamara
Team Tengbe Campaign (Sierra Leone) will include various Support Groups across Sierra Leone.

Mr Harold Hinga Tengbe
Team Tengbe Campaign (United Kingdom): Campaign Chairman and Coordinator

Mr Abu Sheriff
Team Tengbe Campaign (Kenema District)

Mr Sylvester Alieu